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An administration fee of R 75.00 charged for this service will be credited to you in full should you make a subsequent booking for a genetic counselling session

The administration fee is levied for the expert analysis of your cancer risk profile and the provision of your personalised cancer risk report.

Your pdf report will be sent to you within 7 working days for your personal review, after which time you may book a genetic counselling session for further personal assessment and genetic evaluation of your cancer risk report

Payment is required for the processing of your risk profile form, via online payment or EFT.

By completing and submitting the cancer risk profile form below you agree and consent to your personal data which you provide to be collected, processed and retained in our private practice systems and that of our 3rd party service providers only for the purposes of administering this service to you. We will never share your personal information for any other purposes than determining your cancer risk profile.

Complete this form to create your personal risk profile




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